Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My 10 make-up No-No's

Hello Beautifuls,

Everyone has things they just wouldn't do when it comes to applying makeup and the tools you use to apply it. I thought I'd write down my top 10 things I'd NEVER do when it comes to my beauty regime. Maybe you do some of these things, maybe you don't do any of them but I'm giving reasons for every single one and if you do them, maybe you'll think twice before doing them. 


Using Hairspray to set my make up.
It's not designed to be used on skin like this, especially on your face where the skin around your eyes is extremely delicate. I know mainly younger girls that do this but trust me it's not good for your skin and all it will do is just irritate it. So before you spray hairspray on your face again, invest in a proper spray that will set your make up. 


Not Cleaning my make up brushes.
Not cleaning your makeup brushes enough can be just as bad as not cleaning them at all. No matter how clean you think your face is, the brushes will still be picking up bacteria from your skin, depending on how much you use your brushes it is usually good to wash them once or twice a week because, let's face it, you don't want to be covering your face in bacteria everyday! 


Sleeping in makeup.
I'd never sleep in my makeup, I always make sure to take it off before I sleep. It's my favourite part of the day. Although if you should wish to sleep without taking off your make up, then be aware that it can cause spots, blackheads and just in general can irritate your skin. 


Wearing foundation too dark/not blending properly.
This is one thing I can't stand, when I see girls with foundation 4 or 5 shades darker then their skin tone. It's not going to make you look tanned, but I guarantee you'll look orange and strange, an orange face and lighter coloured neck, not good. You should spend twice as long on your foundation then you should any other part of your face, really blend it in to your hair line and down your neck because you don't want to go out looking like Uma Thurman in this picture. No one likes the wrong kind of attention.


Shaving off eyebrows to pencil them on.
This one to me just seems a little stupid, I have a cousin that does this. Why would you wan't to shave your eyebrows off to then draw them higher and have a surprised look on your face all day? 


Applying 3 or more false eyelashes.
Applying loads of false eyelashes looks horrible, in my opinion. I feel it makes your eyes look a little too heavy. One pair of eyelashes is more then enough for me. 


Dark lip liner, light lips.
As worn by Miss Stefani here, I think it looks horrendous. It's something I could only maybe wear to a fancy dress, never out on the street. The picture really does say it all. 


Blowing on makeup brushes.
When you blow on your makeup brush before you apply the product to your face, you are just going to put germs and bacteria on the brush which will then transfer to your face. Before applying the product to your face, tap off the excess, this will help prevent breakouts. 


Sharing Mascara/Eyeliner with friends. 
The eye area is really delicate, and sharing mascara and eyeliner with your friends can open your eyes up to a whole host of bacteria. So remember if you're giving friends makeovers make sure you use their own products on them.


Not throwing out old makeup.
Every makeup has a time you can use it for written on it, sometimes it's 18 months sometimes longer. If you keep makeup for longer then you should then it can cause some problems, take mascara for instance. Using an old mascara that you've had for 3 years can cause eye mites. Do you really want eye mites? Thought not. 

Thank you for reading my blog beautifuls, hope you enjoyed this post! 


  1. Dark lip liner, light lips - haha it does look horrible! I remember this was actually a makeup trend many years ago! Great post & following you :)

  2. Good tips, however most of the "official" makeup setting sprays like Model in a Bottle are effectively the same thing as hairspray. I'm not advocating that people should use hairspray on their faces, but if you think the makeup setting sprays are better, they really aren't.

    1. E.L.F do one that isn't bad, it's got good stuff in. But I don't use face setting sprays and do think most girls should probably stick to a face primer but if they're gonna spray their face then maybe it's a little better using something that's designed for skin other then hair. :) x