Thursday, 12 March 2015

L'oreal Paris Infallible 24-H Matte Foundation Review

If you want to know what I think about the L'oreal Paris Infallible 24-H Matte foundation, just read my blog. Also have before and after pictures. 

Hello Beautifuls,

First of all, I realise it's been almost a year since my last blog. I couldn't access my google account but that is all sorted now. So I'm back, with a review. 

I purchased this foundation a few weeks ago in Superdrug (it's just a drugstore). I hadn't read any reviews on the product I was just aware that I needed a matte foundation for a party I'm going to this Saturday. I'm sure it was £6 because it was an introductory offer but the price is usually £7.99, which is actually a good price for foundation in my opinion so I just threw it in my basket. 

Before I applied the foundation.

 The consistency isn't too thick but it's not runny either. 

I always worry about mattefying products because I've purchased a few things that are meant to be matte but it just makes my skin look dry and flaky instead. I was really hoping that this foundation wouldn't be one of those, I like the fact that it's not in a bottle with a pump. Also it has instructions on the back on how they recommend you apply it which is good for beginners, especially if you are unsure.

This foundation is a high coverage but medium texture. In my opinion it's not heavy at all. It is pretty light weight and I don't feel like I've caked loads of make up on when I apply it. Even when I also apply concealer and set with a rimmel stay matte powder it still doesn't look like I've over done it with the make up. 

For the point of the blog I didn't use any primer before I applied the foundation. Usually I use Maybelline baby skin although I feel that it's not really needed. I don't have bad skin, it's pretty clear apart from a small spot on my skin which I feel like the foundation does a decent job of covering, obviously I would then normally apply concealer after my foundation. I use my real techniques complexion sponge which is also an amazing little sponge, definitely worth it. 

I've now been using this foundation almost daily, I wear it to work and it looks the same when I finish work as it does when I first apply it at 5am. I genuinely love this foundation, it makes my face look brighter, I don't need to re-apply my stay matte powder during the day either which is a plus for me. I'm a lazy creature sometimes. It doesn't rub off or feel sticky, it doesn't really feel like I'm wearing foundation at all. It's kind of like a second skin.

After I blended the foundation in to my skin.

As you can see my skin does look brighter, especially under my eyes. It's perfect for long wearing, I haven't worn it for a whole 24 hours so I don't know if it lasts that long but I'm pretty sure it would because it's lasted for about 15-16 hours for me. Even without a primer it doesn't dry out my skin, my skin looks smoother. Will be buying it again when it runs out.
Totally in love.

Much love,
Karlee x

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