Monday, 13 August 2012

Mini Avon Haul and Look of the day!

Hello Beautifuls

I've never had a chance to get my hands on some Avon products before, so when a relative told me a representative stopped by her house and that I could order some stuff if I wanted, I was pretty excited. I've always been meaning to order online but never actually got around to doing it. I can be LAZY! So, my stuff arrived one day last week and I haven't had much of a chance to try it out, so I won't be reviewing anything just yet. Due to my skin breaking out I've not really been able to apply make-up without causing more breakouts. 

The make-up products I ordered!

So, this is what I ordered, I also ordered a hair treatment set thing and a little perfume but those were gifts for someone and not for me. Ok so at the top of the picture is an Avon eyeliner brush, this came with the two gel liners because it was 3 products for £9.99 and those were the three I picked. Out of everything I've brought, I have actually had a little chance to try out the eye liner brush and on first impressions, I love it. It's precise and creates both thick and thin lines with ease. Then the Avon super shock gel liners, (top: Shimmering Sapphire. bottom: Blackened metal.) I tried the Shimmering Sapphire one out already. Although I can't give a full review because I've only used it once, I can say that I found it needed to be built up quite a bit to show the same colour that you see in the pot, as someone on instagram said to me, "it's a bit wishy washy." I can agree with that, but I do love the colour of it, I just wish that it was more pigmented. Not really tried the black one yet, but I will be giving full reviews once I've used them a little more. 

The colour trend lipsticks, (left: Passion. right: Amethyst) I found for £1.86 and I only ordered two, but I'm now wishing that I ordered some more. The colours are really pretty, although I have no idea how long they last for before you need to re-apply. I did think that the packaging was a little big for the amount of lipstick that you actually get, so before I opened it I did expect there to be a bit more product in the tube, but for £1.86 they are pretty colours and nicely pigmented. I now need to discover the lasting power on them to truly decide if I love them or not. 

The shimmering sapphire liner. The lipstick is Rimmel, Diva Red.
(Sorry it's not a clearer picture of the eyeliner)

Look of the day!

Technically, it's the look of yesterday.. But who cares? I created my eyes using a few purples from a Stila palette that I won from AdoreaBubbles and the eyeliner I used is the gel maybelline studio one. I used the avon eyeliner brush to apply and was impressed with the results! Happy girl! 

Thanks for reading!!


  1. I've just done a post on my Avon haul too.
    I have the eyeliner brush and it's amazing!!
    the gel pots are good too.
    I just bought the colourtrend lipsticks for the first time. hope they are gooood! :) xx

  2. Nice blog

  3. The way you did your eyes with the purple looks really cool with your dark hair.

  4. loving your look of the day! you do such an amazing job! :)