Sunday, 6 May 2012

My Life: Update.

Hello Beautifuls,

Ok, my life has been really hectic lately, and it still is pretty hectic. So, I'm in the middle of moving and my house is a mess, most of my makeup is packed up and I'm a little upset that I can't do my seven deadly sins series at the moment. Once I move, everything will be back to normal, I hope.

I know a couple of people commented on my weight watchers post, so I thought I'd let you all know that I lost 3lbs in my first week, I'm happy with that because I didn't expect a loss at all, just because in my opinion I have quite a few points to get through and I've never actually managed to eat all of them. I'm not going to bore you with weight watchers updates once a week though, just every now and then. I can't actually wait to get weighed Wednesday now, it's definitely a huge motivation for me to eat less and move more. 

Then on top of all the moving and stuff, I have been relentlessly job hunting, as soon as I wake up I'm looking for work and it's driving me absolutely crazy. It's the reason I haven't been able to find as much time for blogging, I used to come home from work, chill and blog but since the place I worked for made some cuts and I happened to be one of them, I'm stuck looking for work. I. Need. Help. I've noticed that when I don't need to find work, really good jobs are just kicking about, but when I need somewhere, I can't find anything! Although, I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed that I hear back from superdrug. Working with makeup would be so perfect for me!

I just love blogging. I recently got 100 followers so I'm excited about that and I wanted to thank all of my new followers. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and that it continues to interest you. Thank you, Again! 

My pictures of the moment!

 A crochet rose I attempted to make.
 Me and my teddy Bella watching T.V
 A look I created that I'm calling Crush On Blue.

Of course if you follow me on twitter or instagram you would have seen these already, but they're my most favourite pictures right now! Thanks for reading! 


  1. Love the Eye make up!


  2. I'm so happy with your W.Watchers success, you will totally get to your ideal weight, Karlee!!!! Fingers crossed for your job search! Make sure you listen to your heart, cause I truly want you to find the job you love!!!!

  3. oh wow, what a wonderful make up!! love your style!

    your blog is fantastic!! maybe you could take a look at mine!
    wish u a nice weekend

  4. thank you for following :)
    such a cute teddy u have :) i miss mine