Thursday, 26 April 2012

Weight Watchers.

Hello Beautifuls,

I've decided that it's time for me to do something about my weight. I want nicer clothes and the summer is coming, I just want to feel cool and comfortable. So yesterday I went to my first weight watchers meeting, which for me is pretty scary. Usually I'm an unsociable creature, only really mingling with people when needed, so sitting in a room full of strangers  wasn't my idea of fun. The only person that ever usually knows my weight is me, and yesterday I found myself stepping on to the scale, not even worrying about the woman that was weighing me. I couldn't believe how nice everyone was and even though the woman that weighed me had an extremely enviable figure, I couldn't help but feel comfortable with her. 

Actually, I'm pretty proud of myself and since yesterday, I've really tried hard. Writing down EVERYTHING I eat and adding up my points and I haven't even eaten all of my points and I'm not hungry at all. The thing I was most happy about is that the join up to the meeting was free and so was the first meeting! Result! If I didn't like it there I could have just walked out and not gone back, but I did like it and can't wait to actually weigh in next week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a bit of weight loss. 

I've always been a bigger girl, I became aware of this when I was 12 and I started making friends with girls more. As a tomboy I was always playing football and was pretty athletic when I was younger, whenever anyone see me I was always on my bike, always running around. That stopped when I got to 12 maybe 13, I didn't play football anymore, my boobs started to grow and they hurt when I ran, so I was less active. Add being less active to comfort eating and an addiction to chocolate and there you have it, the reason I need to go to weight watchers. I'm not aiming to be a size 8 or 10, I'd be happy being a size 12-14, I still want to be curvy, I love curves

(The nice little folder you get from weight watchers to keep all your stuff in.)

(All the little books I got at my first meeting.)

I'll be keeping you posted on if it's working for me, as a girl that's tried loads of diets, I think this one is going to be my favourite. I hate diets that make you cut out whole food groups, Weight Watchers seems to try and teach people to eat in moderation, and I have a friend that's lost 3 stones so far! So I'm excited!!


  1. Good luck! I'm rooting for you :]

  2. good luck! I don't know you, but I know you'll do well!

  3. You go girl! I can so relate to everything you're saying, I've never been happy with my weight either. I just love food too much lol. But I'm thinking of doing what you're doing, and just writing down everything I eat on a journal.
    Anyways, I just came across your blog and this really interested me.
    I'm your #1ooth follower!

    Mix & Match