Sunday, 1 April 2012

My weekend, face and hair of the day.

Hello Beautifuls,

Bit of a random blog about my weekend, It's finally April! Easter eggs soon! Yay. Did any of you do any pranks for April fools? I did! I told my Mum I was packing today to move out, I almost made her cry.. :( I didn't carry it on for longer then two minutes because I felt horrible. 

Anyway, if you follow my blog you'll notice it sort of has a new look, I've been changing bits of it here and there and now have decided to do a blog header. Made by myself, took me ages because I needed to pick the right photos, and I kept picking rubbish ones and it just didn't look right. So because it's been sunny today thought I'd go in the garden and take some photos so I had good light. Let me know what you think of my blogs new look by the way. I'd love opinions! 

I also thought I'd post a little face and hair of the day. 

My hair was waved with a babyliss glamour waves iron, I got it for christmas and I love the way it waves my hair. I think it looks so pretty. 

I'm just wearing LO'real liquid liner, gel liner by maybelline on water line. 

Rimmel lash accelerator mascara, collection 2000 blush in bashful and I have brave by M.A.C on my lips. 

So yeah thats about it and if you have instagram, I only have 10 followers!! Lol..