Friday, 2 March 2012

My trip to Brighton!

Hello Beautifuls, 

I know I haven't blogged much, went to Brighton for a few days.. Just to get away for a little bit. Had fun and thought I'd post a few pictures on here, so those of you that don't know Brighton can see what it looks like. Basically, it's just a little seaside town, with a pier, a few arcades and amazing shops! 

I am planning to go back in October so I can do more shopping because I love the shops there and they are a two minute walk from the hotel which I stay in which is a huge plus! Might not make any makeup tutorial videos until I can get a new laptop because my little netbook just can't handle HD  videos so yeah.. Crap! Anyway here are some pictures!.. 

This last one is me in bed, pulling odd faces while playing angry bird! LOL. 

So yeah that was some pictures from my few days in Brighton, Thanks for reading and looking beautifuls! 

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