Sunday, 22 January 2012

Primark Ooh La La nail foils!

Hello Beautifuls, 

Just a quick review and some pictures on my blog of the Ooh La La nail foils from Primark. I was going to do a review on youtube for these but instead I decided to write about them on my blog because it made a little more sense to me. I added pictures on here so you can see what they looked like when I first applied them and the differences to how they look now. So the actual nail foils look like this:

I got two packs because one is stars and the other, like a sort of leopard print pattern. These were only £1 each and I've never tried nail foils before so I thought I'd give them a go.. They are very easy to apply, which I never expected. Although I should practice applying them a bit more because I'm not great at filing them down. This is what they looked like when I first applied them on Wednesday night: 

Sorry the picture isn't clearer and like I said I'm not great at filing them.. And this is what they looked like Sunday night, after four nights of having them on my nails: 

As you can see alot of the nail foil has worn away, bear in mind that I've bathed, washed up and really put these nail foils to the test! I've heard other brands of nail foils can last more then a week and I do intend to try out more brands but so far these are the only ones that I've tried. Personally, if you want to wear them for one night only they are perfect, If I was going to a party or something and wanted eye catching nails then I'd definitely go for these because they are only £1 and if you do only need them for one night there's no point in spending £8-10 or maybe even more on nails. If you do want something that lasts for a week and doesn't start wearing away after two days then don't buy these expecting them to do that. They are cheap and you do get what you pay for but they are still good if like I said you need eye catching nails for one night! I hope this review was helpful, I tried! Have a nice week!! 

                                                          Karlee Valentine x


  1. I think these are a bargain for £1 - and it is the sort of thing you would only wear for one night anyway!

    I found your blog in one of the groups on Beautylish now following on GFC! check out my blog & follow me too!


  2. Yeah, I agree.. I would only wear them for one night also but some people might expect these to last longer. I'm going to follow you now :) x

  3. I really wanna try this!


    hope you follow back!